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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Solving the real time availability problem for clothing retailers

At any point in time, most clothing retailers do not accurately know, across all of their stores and channels, how many of the products they have ordered, are currently available for customers to buy.

This creates disappointed customers who cannot buy what they want and is highly frustrating for staff, store owners and their suppliers. It results in poor service, missed sales and significantly higher costs.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry problem but one that we can now help clothing retailers to solve. 

We can deploy RFID technology and AI to enable retailers to capture and deploy real time stock availability data so they can increase sales, reduce waste and deliver much better customer engagement  

The core of the proposition is a multi-channel Real Time Product Availability Engine which uses RFID technology and AI to process product, order and fulfillment, replenishment and returns data and translate them into actionable insights that can be deployed in real time via retail applications and services including : ERP systems, order management systems, logistics systems, store compliance and workflow solutions as well as CRM, customer loyalty and customer service solutions

The early adopters of this new technology are delivering stunning results.

Real time availability data analytics are set to have as big an impact on clothing and fashion as the introduction of epos data in the 1980's and loyalty data in the 2000's.

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